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To prevent duplication of effort, please leave contact details here if you are doing any translation work.

This page seems hopelessly outdated. The official Guide is developed in English. Older translations are available below.

--Gzotti 10:50, 12 July 2017 (UTC)

Some or all of the information on this page is no longer accurate.

It may be relevant to an older version of Stellarium, or it may not be relevant at all. This page itself should be updated, archived or deleted.

This warning has been here since 12 July 2017.

Language Notes
French Paul Schwartz; version: 0.7.1; status: complete; link
Italian Paolo; version 0.7.1; status: complete; link
Japanese Sigma; version 0.8.1; status: complete; link
Spanish Astronemesis; version 0.8.1; status: in progress; link
Russian Andrew Senin; version 0.8.1; status: in progress (in svn); link
German Translation starting 2007/09 - please email User:Matthewg42 if you want to join in so I can help coordinate with the other translators.
Simplified Chinese starting 2009/06 - please email Xie Wei; status: in progress; version 0.10.2 link
Tamil starting 2009/10 - please email [[User:aalunga]; status: started; version 0.10.2
Korean starting 2010/01 - please email User:yhlee02; status: started. 시작했읍니다. 같이 하시기를 원하시면 연락을 주십시요. Embedded 기기를 위한 porting을 같이 하실 분은 언제든지 환영합니다.; version 0.10.2 }
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