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Contributions to the guide would be great. Please, please make some!

The Guide is developed in the source directory, written in LateX. You can contribute like with other source code: edit and suggest merge. --Gzotti 10:48, 12 July 2017 (UTC)

Some or all of the information on this page is no longer accurate.

It may be relevant to an older version of Stellarium, or it may not be relevant at all. This page itself should be updated, archived or deleted.

This warning has been here since 12 July 2017.

For small corrections such as typos, spelling, grammar, and factual in-accuracies please email the author. For larger contributions - additional chapters, translations and so on, please consider using LyX to edit the document source and submit patches to the author.

Getting the document source

The source for the user guide is available by anonymous SVN from the sourceforge project pages.

Getting LyX

You can get LyX from the LyX website. You can use the latest stable release of LyX (1.5.1) to edit the .lyx files that make up the user guide.

Lyx is also available for Windows LyX-162-4-18-AltInstaller-Complete.exe . It is a slow process to install and as it is version 1.6.2 the files generated are not compatible with LyX 1.5.1. This is easily overcome by exporting them as LyX1.5x and changing the extension from lyx15 back to lyx. Further the windows basic version may not recognise *.svg graphics these can be loaded into TheGimp and saved as png files. Other than this it produces a pdf of from the current source.

Submitting a patch

Once you've got LyX and the guide source, edit the files and make a patch file using diff. You can find a nice tutorial about how to do this here.

Patches should be emailed to the guide author

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