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If you speak a non-English language, please consider contributing to the development of Stellarium! It is quite easy, and thousands of people will have a chance to enjoy your work.


How to

From version 0.8.0, Stellarium fully supports translation into other languages. There are two methods to do translations:

  1. Translation using gettext - this is the "old method", although it still works with some manual work from the core developers. This method is still useful if you want to do translation in a place where you will not have Internet connection for long periods of time because you can download the files and work on them offline, and then send the completed files to the core developer team when you are online again.
  2. Using the launchpad website. This is recommended method.
    1. Register for a (auto) lauchpad account and/or log in.
    2. Translations are split into 4 groups: stellarium (for the main program text), stellarium-skycultures (for the sky culture stuff), stellarium-desktop and stellarium-metainfo (required for UNIX-like operating system). From the main Stellarium translation page, choose one of these categories, selecting the appropriate View Template & All Languages... link.
    3. You will see a list of many languages with the translation status... If a language you speak is not complete, select it from the list.
    4. Start translating. That's all.  :-)

What if your language(s) are already translated in Launchpad? You can still help by checking through the existing translations and making sure there is nothing incorrect or malicious in there.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, such as the proper context or meaning of a string, feel free to ask it at the Translators forum at Stellarium's project page at SourceForge. You can login to SourceForge with a number of identities, including Google, Yahoo, OpenID (Wordpress) and many others.

Further reading

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