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Older versions of Stellarium used to have a little menu system which was controlled by the cursor keys. This was used primarily by planetarium system operators to change settings, run scripts and so on. In the 0.10.x series, this function vanished as we totally re-designed the user interface. This plugin re-implements the "TUI", as it was known.


Using the TextUserInterface plugin

  1. Activate the text menu using the m key
  2. Navigate the menu using the cursors keys.
  3. To edit a value, press the right cursor until the value you wish to change it highlighted with > and < marks, e.g. >3.142<. Then press the up and down cursors to change the value. You may also type in a new value with the other keys on th keyboard.

How you can help

A TODO list is maintained in the README file for the plugin. If you are able to help with any item in this list, please contact the Stellarium developer team via the stellarium-pubdevel mailing list.

We also welcome bug reports, feature requests and feedback through the usual channels (trackers, forums and so on).

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