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As we approach the release of 0.9.0 and beyond, we would like to involve community members in a test procedure. Doing a release and waiting for bug reports is all well and good, but it would be good to catch some of the bugs before releasing.

Checklist before becoming a tester:

  1. You are able to download the latest development code from subversion
  2. You are able to build the development code
  3. You are able to use OpenOffice Calc spreadsheets
  4. You want to help  :)

If you are able to say yes to the above requirements, please contact Matthew and offer your services.

If you want to test a build, download the test plan document from here. Go through the document and set the status field accordingly, and fill in the other details as you see fit.

Fully or partially completed test sheets should be sent to Matthew for now, but we may come up with the better mechanism later.

There are more tests to write. If you write additional test cases, just send Matthew a modified copy of the test plan with your test cases in.

Feedback very welcome.

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