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Please note that version 0.10.0 of Stellarium uses a new data format for positioning texture files. If you have a set of images which you would like to share, please post a message in the forums for advice on how to do this.

User Contributed Nebula Images 0.9.x , 0.10.x

  • There are modified and additional textures for version, by Barry Gerdes. These textures have been accurately sized and positioned on the display and will need the enclosed textures.json file to replace the original distribution file. The four principal texture are constructed as mosaics from wide angle photos of the Large Magellan Cloud, Small Magellan Cloud, Eta Carinae and Rho Ophiuchus area. See also the astronomy site for other information. We welcome new members to the forum. Updated 18/12/10. Please note that these images were prepared on Windows XP which is not critical of case. If the images do not display confirm that the description in the textures.json file and the corresponding texture name are the same.
  • You can download the package in one file with many pictures (similar pictures as above), but in one package and high-speed download. Suitable for version 0.9.1! only
  • With the release of version 0.12.1 there will be an enlarged collection of nebula images. These will include all the originals and many of the nebulae from my previous package. I have now prepared a new package containing some higher resolution images and some additional ones that are not in the main release version. You can down load the package here. These images can be used in versions from 0.10.3 but will need the new distibution package of nebulae.

  • People from Faulkes telescope started a very nice effort to provide Stellarium's nebulae images for many objects of the sky. Schools, Colleges and Amateur Astronomical Societies in the UK can sign up and use the two Faulkes Telescopes (in Hawaii and Australia) for no charge, and then add their own images to Stellarium.
  • Barry Gerdes made some very nice textures for the large and small magellanic clouds which work with the development version (and should work with 0.10.0 when it is released). To install, unzip this file in your User Data Directory (it should create a sub-directory called nebulae in there, and with that a textures directory containing a few files). These files are now part of the nebulae package mentioned in paragraph 1.
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