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  • The image width (X) is 2048 pixels.
  • The astronaut's distance from the left side of the image (x) is 2403 pixels.
  • The bearing (b) is South, which is 180 degrees.

Here's the calculation:

  270 + b - ( 360 * x / X )
= 270 + 180 - (360 * 1403/2048)
= 103.38

Well done if you got it about right (the exact value will vary as the astronaut is a few pixels across, and you might not have got exactly the same value for x).

All you need do is add the correct angle_rotatez to the landscape.ini file for the moon landscape.

The best way to do this (so you don't have to modify the original file) is like this:

  1. Create a new directory inside you User Data Directory called landscapes
  2. Inside the new landscapes directory, create a sub-directory called moon
  3. Copy the installed landscape.ini file for the moon landscape to your new moon directory and modify that copy.

While you can modify the landscape.ini which is installed with the main program, I consider this bad practice as it will be overwritten when you upgrade/reinstall and also because your modification will affect all users on the system, not just yourself. Bonus points if you do the it the "proper" way, but no matter.

The modified landscape.ini file should look like this:

name = Moon
author = Nasa
description = Photo taken from Apollo Mission
type = spherical
maptex = apollo17.png
angle_rotatez = 203.38

planet = Moon
latitude = +20d11'27"
longitude = +30d46'18"E
altitude = 1
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