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Stellarium responds to several keyboard commands, many of which are bound to actions that can't be performed in other ways.

Key Description
- Subtract 1 solar day
8 Set time to now
= Add 1 solar day
J Decrease time speed
K Set normal time rate
L Increase time speed
[ Subtract 1 solar week
] Add 1 solar week
Alt+- Subtract 1 sidereal day
Alt+= Add 1 sidereal day
Alt+[ Subtract 1 sidereal week
Alt+] Add 1 sidereal week
Ctrl+- Subtract 1 solar hour
Ctrl+= Add 1 solar hour
. Equator line
, Ecliptic line
A Atmosphere
B Constellation boundaries
C Constellation lines
E Equatorial Grid
F Fog
G Ground
N Nebulae
P Planets hints
Q Cardinal points
R Constellation art
S Stars
V Constellation labels
Z Azimutal grid
F11 Full-screen mode
Ctrl+Shift+H Flip scene horizontally
Ctrl+Shift+V Flip scene vertically
/ Zoom in on selected object
T Track object
\ Zoom out
Space Centre on selected object
Ctrl+G Set home planet to selected planet
Left click Select object
Right click Clear selection
Page Up/Down Zoom in/out
CTRL + Up/Down Zoom in/out
Arrow keys & left mouse drag Pan view around the sky
F1 Help window
F2 Configuration window
F3, Ctrl+F Search window
F4 Sky and viewing options window
F5 Date/time window
F6 Location window
Ctrl+M Switch between equatorial and azimuthal mount
Ctrl+Q Quit
Ctrl+S Save screenshot

Note that a list of keys may be seen in the program by pressing F1 to open the help window.

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