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Display complex characters in Stellarium 0.8.1

While the default font file DejaVuSans.ttf of Stellarium contains a full set of Latin and Arabic alphabets, it does not include East Asian Complex Characters inside, as we are concerned about the download size. As a result you will need to find your own fonts if you wish the program could display Chinese, Japanese and Korean correctly.

Below is a list of GNU General Public Licensed fonts which have been tested and confirmed to be working perfectly with Stellarium:

  • Traditional Chinese: [1]
  • Simplified Chinese: [2]
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: [3]

Put the font file under the subfolder data of your Stellarium main directory and rename it to ukai.ttf. Edit the parameter base_font_name in your config.ini file to:

base_font_name                 = ukai.ttf

Save the file and exit. Start Stellarium and change your Program Language and Sky Language settings in Options. Save the configurations and exit. The next time you start Stellarium all should be working just like the way they are supposed to be.

Display complex characters in the help box

Open your config.ini file and add the following line under base_font_name parameter:

base_cfont_name                = ukai.ttf

Save the file and exit. Start Stellarium and the help box will start working correctly.

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