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Since version 0.15 the official Stellarium User Guide is again developed for publishing in PDF format alongside with the program. It is packed with the Windows installer, and available as separate download for other operating systems.

All previous versions are outdated, but exist for historical completeness.

--Gzotti 10:04, 12 July 2017 (UTC)

Some or all of the information on this page is no longer accurate.

It may be relevant to an older version of Stellarium, or it may not be relevant at all. This page itself should be updated, archived or deleted.

This warning has been here since 12 July 2017.

Official, but outdated

The official version of the Stellarium User Guide, which was written by our document author Matthew Gates with assistance from many people, was originally published as a PDF file. It was written using the program Lyx, but keeping it up-to-date was hard, so it was turned into a series of pages on this wiki:

The old versions in PDF are still available for download, but they are becoming increasingly outdated although an updated guide has been privately assembled to bring the guide up to 0.12.4 by one of the original assistant authors, see guides by other authors below:

Works in progress

Source files for in-progress translations may be obtained from the SVN repository. Some pre-release files may also be downloaded directly from here. These are works in progress, and updated sporadically:

Guides by other authors

  • Stellarium Users Guide New, by Matthew Gates with updates to version 0.12.4 by Barry Gerdes — The original Users guide that covers the basics of using Stellarium with additions and corrections to bring it up to date 0.12.4. It can be downloaded in PDF format from this website: the authors home page.
  • A Guide to Using Stellarium, by Paul Luckas — a short guide with lots of illustrations that covers the basics of using Stellarium 0.10.5. It can be downloaded in PDF format from the website of the University of Western Australia's SPICE program: How to teach astronomy with Stellarium.
  • Краткий путеводитель, by Alexander Wolf — a similar short introduction, but in Russian and covering Stellarium 0.10.6. It can be downloaded in PDF format from the author's home page.
  • Stellarium Beginner's Guide, by Khalid AlAjaji — a guide with lots of illustrations that covers the basics of using Stellarium 0.11.3. It can be read in HTML format from the this website.
  • Manual do Software Stellarium by Edson Pedro Cecílio Jr in Brazilian Portuguese. Version 0.10.6 was used to write this guide with a lot of screenshots. You can download it in PDF format here.

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