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The Angle Measure plugin is a small tool which is used to measure the angular distance between two points on the sky. *goes misty eyed* I recall measuring the size of the Cassini Division when I was a student. It was not the high academic glamor one might expect... It was cloudy... It was rainy... The observatory lab had some old scopes set up at one end, pointing at a photograph of Saturn at the other end of the lab. We measured. We calculated. We wished we were in Hawaii. A picture is worth a thousand words:


Using the AngleMeasure plugin

  1. Enable the tool by clicking the tool-bar button, or by pressing control-A. A message will appear at the bottom of the screen to tell you that the tool is active.
  2. Drag a line from the first point to the second point using the left mouse button
  3. To clear the measurement, click the right mouse button
  4. To deactivate the angle measure tool, press the tool-bar button again, or press control-A on the keyboard.

Configuring the AngleMeasure plugin

  1. The configuration diapog allows to select angular display labelled d/m/s or °/'/".
  2. There are two kinds of great circle arcs:
    1. in Equatorial mode, the angle is shown in the sky and is subject to refraction. The position angle shown is relative to the direction to celestial north pole.
    2. In horizontal mode, the angle is computed without refraction. Start and/or end points can be either fixed relative to the landscape or attached to the start or end point in the celestial sphere. The position angle shown is relative to the vertical direction.
  3. Line colors can be changed by editing config.ini only.

How you can help

A TODO list is maintained in the README file for the plugin. If you are able to help with any item in this list, please contact the Stellarium developer team via the stellarium-pubdevel mailing list.

We also welcome bug reports, feature requests and feedback through the usual channels (trackers, forums and so on).

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